Coral Hawkfish, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Im...

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Hawkfish Media from American University is inspired by the reputation of its namesake fish:

  • Vibrant visuals
  • Easy acclimation to surroundings
  • Unproblematic upkeep

Team members

  • Sarah Gulick –  MFA, Film & Electronic Media
  • Simone Lewis-Koskinen –  MS, Environmental Science
  • Sherri Liang – MA, Global Environmental Policy
  • Danika Owsley –  Film & Media Arts, International Relations
  • Natalie Sasser –  MFA, Film & Electronic Media

Hawkfish Fun Fact

Hawkfish are noted for their protogynous hermaphrodism: functional females will change into males if the dominant supermale dies. Hawkfish are generally not sexually dichromatic, meaning the sexes cannot be distinguished by coloration alone.

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